About Us

Sacred Skin is a small family run business based in Essex, England. After immersing ourselves for many years in tattoo and body piercing culture, we decided to create Sacred Skin Body Jewellery in 2017 following some time in Indonesia. Inspired by the art, culture, people, and overall emotions of our travels we decided to create a body jewellery company with its core focus on individuality and expression, whilst upholding very high ethical standards.

Our extensive body jewellery collection has been heavily inspired by the places we visited and the people we met. In particular our organic body jewellery, and brass body jewellery collection.

We take the upmost pride in our body jewellery, ensuring that every item is made with the best quality materials, by the best crafts people. Ultimately, you will not find anything in our collections which we would not, and do not, wear ourselves.

We are extremely passionate about the environment, and are very conscious of the footprint that we have as a business. We are aiming to be completely plastic free in 2020. From the packaging we receive from our suppliers, to the packaging that we provide to our customers and everything in between.

Our body jewellery is available to ship worldwide, and shipping is free for UK orders.

All of our body jewellery is also available to buy in bulk, and again this can be shipped worldwide. Please contact us with any bulk buy enquiries or orders.