The Brass Collection

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Brass has become a top choice for jewellery design creating fun and beautiful designs that resembles gold. Brass jewellery has the ability to provide a warm yellow golden glow at a fraction of the cost.

 Brass has been used throughout history and The Brass Collection from Sacred Skin Body Jewellery offers warm tones with the versatility that is needed when creating beautiful jewellery you can wear with confidence.

 Cost Effective and Durable

 Over the past few years brass has become one of the most popular metals to use in jewellery design. It's affordable, durable and easy to work with. We use this metal regularly because of its durable, yet pliable nature, which enables us to create beautiful and unique jewellery with a minimalistic design. We use this metal in our full range of body jewellery pieces to create a reliable and stylish Brass Collection you can purchase with confidence.

 We have also found that with brass being so resilient, we can use it easily to secure gemstones, creating an antique touch.

 Give the experienced team at Sacred Skin Body Jewellery a call today to find out more about our The Brass Collection and what designs we can offer to meet your particular jewellery needs.