Segment Rings

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The Sacred Skin Body Jewellery selection of segment rings are available in stainless steel, PVD black, PVD rose gold and PVD gold. These rings were designed from the ball closure ring, which has a ball that you screw in place to close the ring. Segment rings are seamless and rather have a clip or curved part that comes out of the ring to open it. When the segment is firmly in place, the ring offers a solid and smooth surface, which can move around in your piercing without any issues.

 Comfortable with Reduced Irritation

 These are exceptionally comfortable to wear and helps to reduce the risk of irritation and compliment most piercings. The benefit to the segment rings is how easy they are to clean and how comfortable they are to wear.

 Our range of segment rings are suitable for ear and facial piercings, septum piercings and lip piercings.

 Individualism and Expression

 We offer a hinged and smooth option when it comes to our range of segment rings in beautiful and sleek black, warm gold and trendy rose gold. Each of our rings has been made paying close attention to detail to provide our clients with quality they can trust.