Labret Piercing

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Labret piercings are one of the most popular piercing types. These are comfortable pieces that are easy to change to add fun to your style and come in an extensive range, enabling you to choose the ones that best suit your style and personality.

 We provide a choice of labret piercings from stainless steel to PVR black, gold and rose gold. These have a flat back plate on the one end with a threaded ball on the other. The back plate makes the jewellery comfortable. Our range is mostly used for lip piercings, nose and ear piercings.

 High Quality Labrets

 We supply only the finest quality labret jewellery for your nose, lip or ear piercing. Our labret piercing jewellery is delicate and made with attention to detail, keeping your comfort and health in mind.

 The small Sacred Skin Body Jewellery team are passionate in what we do, offering individualism and expression with high ethical standards and an extensive collection to ensure your needs are met, whether you are buying for yourself or for your store. We accommodate bulk orders on our extensive selection.

 All our body jewellery is made from the finest quality materials and we provide a global service, as an added convenience. Contact us today to find out more.