Ear Weights

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We provide a quality selection of ear weights, each one designed to provide a unique style that can be worn with pride and confidence. Choose from  our collections, which includes spiral, round and Mandala designs. The Sacred Skin Body Jewellery ear weights collection are designed to complement your stretched ear lobes.

 The collection of ear weights we supply are made from brass, which is durable, strong and resistant to salt water. Backed by years of experience, we found working with brass highly beneficial. It's durable, strong and resistant to salt water. A benefit is that it can be worn both in and through any body piercings. In fact, wearing brass jewellery can create a barrier to eliminate irritation.

 Individualism and Expression

 The Sacred Skin Body Jewellery passion shines through in every piece we supply. As a family run business, we have high ethical standards and offer an extensive collection, which can be purchased via our website and delivered to your door, wherever you are in the world.

 You can also buy your favourite ear weights in bulk. Contact us now to find out more.