Ear Stretching

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Welcome to our ear stretching collection.

We stock a large selection of sizes. From ear stretching starter pieces which start at 1.6mm, to plugs and tunnels which go up to 50mm.

Perhaps you are just starting your ear stretching journey. If this is the case then we have starter kits, which contain tapers and tunnels in sizes 1.6m – 10mm. This is a nice, gradual and easy entry into the world of ear stretching (or whatever other piercing you may decide to stretch).

We stock ear weights which can be worn on their own but also look great worn through tunnels.

All of our ear stretching pieces are made from the highest quality materials. Including natural stone, wood, bone, horn, stainless steel and brass.

Our organic black horn and white bone jewellery and stretchers come from water buffalo, which are a major food source in Thailand. We only ever use materials that would otherwise go to waste and animals are never killed or harmed to create our jewellery.

All of the wooden pieces in our organic body jewellery collection come from sustainable sources. We don’t use any wood from rainforests, or protected trees and plants in making our body jewellery.

If you are unsure about what size to order please see our size guide which should tell you everything you need to know about how body jewellery is measured. If you can’t find the information you need then please contact us and we will be happy to help.

All of our ear stretching pieces are sold individually as not everyone stretches both ears. If you would like a pair please select the quantity in the drop down box.

Always contact a professional piercer for piercing or stretching advice.

Ear stretching is a body modification that is used by thousands of people around the world who want to stretch their earlobes to make the holders thicker than you traditional piercing. The ears are stretched and then jewellery is used, often known as plugs or gauges. The ears are stretched using a taper, which is wider on one side than the other, which allows gradual stretching. Different sized tapers, plugs and gauges can be purchased from our site, enabling you to stretch your ears to your goal size.

 Our Ear Stretching Collection

 We offer an extensive range of ear stretching products to help you stretch your lobes to the size you want to achieve. We supply tunnels, plugs, tapers, punchers and more below to ensure your ear stretching needs are met with confidence.

 Ear stretching dates back to 3300 BC and is a form of body modification that is used around the world. Ear stretching is relatively new to our modern world and the focus is to gradually stretch the ears beyond the size of a standard piercing. This enables you to choose from a selection of plugs for your lobes.

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 We offer a complete range of ear stretching jewellery to help you stretch your ears safely and easily. Want to know more about our ear stretching collection? Contact our experienced team today.