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We provide a full range of high quality barbells for naval, tongue, ear and nose, to name a few. Our barbell collection comes in straight, curved and horseshoe, making them ideal for a full range of body piercings.

 These jewellery pieces are affordable and comprise of two balls that are joined by a bar. The bar is either straight, making it suitable for the ear and tongue, curved for naval piercings or horseshoe for the ear or nose.

 Our extensive range is made from the highest grade stainless steel and PVD (Physical vapour deposition), which enables us to provide you with yellow gold, rose gold and black options to meet your particular needs and style.

 High Quality at a Price You Can Afford

 The barbell body jewellery has beads screwed onto each end, making it quick and easy to change your jewellery as needed. One of the beads is usually fixed, enabling you to remove one side.

 We use only the finest quality materials to ensure your safety and enable you to wear your new jewellery with pride.

 Bulk Orders Welcome

 We accommodate bulk orders with international delivery available. Contact our experienced and knowledgeable team today to find out more about our high end pieces, all made focusing on individualism and expression.